The ECU Ignition Board For Mercedes

Preface: Ignition system is an important part of the gasoline engine, the ignition system performance is good or not, which also affects the engine power, fuel consumption, and exhaust pollution and so on. All the equipment that can generate a spark between the two electrodes of the spark plug, which is called the engine “ignition system”, usually consisting of the battery, generator, distributor, ignition coil and spark plugs and other components.

The Traditional Ignition system can be classified into the following types.

◆ Battery-operated ignition

◆ Magneto systems

◆ Electronic ignition

◆ TI-B Breaker-Triggered transistorized Ignition

◆ SI (semiconductor Ignition)

◆ DIS (Distributorless Ignition System)

The traditional ignition system is relatively simple and low cost, which is an early application on the car, and it is also a common ignition system for the ignition system.

But the ignition system is poor reliability, ignition conditions affected by the speed, contact technical conditions. And need for regular maintenance adjustment. So with the development of the auto technical, The traditional ignition system also can’t keep up with the requirements of the modern engine, replacing day by day by the latest Electronic ignition system. Because of Electronic ignition system ignition voltage and ignition energy, by the engine conditions and the use of the impact of small.  Such as Simple structure, reliable work, maintenance, adjustment of small workload, save fuel, reduce pollution, the application of increasingly widespread

The Electronic ignition system can be classified into the following types.

◆  Contactless ignition

◆  ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

◆  Distributor-Less Ignition

The signal is sent by ECU directly to control the ignition coins and so on.

Sacer’s ignition board belongs to the modern ignition board, which is controlled by ECU, Moreover, The ECU on ignition board, the signal is controlled by HFM. We know that HFM is a kind of air flow meter(AFM). It converts the inhaled air flow into an electrical signal to the electronic control unit (ECU). As one of the basic signals for determining the fuel injection, it is a sensor for measuring the air flow rate of the intake engine.

It has the following types.

Throttle air flow meter

Carmen vortex air flow meter

Hot air flow meter

Hot film air flow meter

And, Generally, luxurious cars with high equipment, which equips the HFM on the ignition system. Sacer’s ignition board has such an HFM and the price is also preferable one for customers.

Please come to Sacer store if you are finding a high-quality ignition board for Mercedes air flow meter , Porsche 928/S4/GTS ECU, Volvo / Saab Jetronic ECU.

Of course, we advise that you purchase Sacer’s ignition board for Mercedes, which is an extremely high-quality one with ECU, HFM. It is also a hot one at Sacer, It applies in 4 cylinder Ignition driver board. More details are as follows.

Application 4 cylinder Ignition driver board
Model Mercedes
Specification Ignition board for Mercedes VDO 4 cylinder
Description Ignition board for Mercedes HFM ECU, We supply an conventional aftermarket

replacement board. To use Ignition Boards you can either 1) Cut off pins

1, 2, 3 & 5 (see below) or 2) Remove the solder from the holes on the ECM

PCB and install the Ignition Boards module without cutting the pins It is

quite safe to install the module without removing the extra pins



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