LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012

Are you looking for LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012?

Instrument clusters, MID, SID and OBC units in several car makes have the common dead, fading, or completely disappearing pixel problem on the instrument cluster and on the on board computer (OBC) LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage, temperature, time and the OBC messages. Common symptoms of pixels error are:
–> Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have disappeared
–> LCD displays are difficult or impossible to read
–> Some cases the display returns to complete working order once cluster hits high or low temperatures.

Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel, faulty gauge motor on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, more importantly it seriously affects the driving safety. In some specific cases you can hardly enjoy driving for some annoying misunderstanding caused by the malfunction of LCD display. So it is quite necessary that you have to get it fixed or replaced.


We offer an LCD display replacement that covers the majority of the car makes and models in Europe and North America. We aim at solving your LCD display problems and anything related in a more convenient and more cost-effective way. For a repair shop, we’re doing our best to build up ‘One-stop purchase all’ products lines to meet your demands for various car makes and models.


SA1227 LCD Display with ribbon / flat cable is a replacement exclusively for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012. It’s used on the area of instrument cluster or dashboard. It’s heat seal type, to install it, you need a heat bounding machine to mount it on the PCB. Actually it is not difficult, you can follow the steps from a video on Youtube where you can easily find out plenty of such tutorial videos. SA1227 LCD display with ribbon / flat cable is an STN LCD digital panel which has a pretty good picture definition and sharpness. A perfect visual effect and stable performance constitutes the key point of a high-qualified LCD display. SA1227 will fully meet your requirements. What’s more, it is able to work normally under a large temperature rage from -20 ℃to 70 ℃. Please rest assured that it is 100% brand new product and every unit will be tested prior to leaving the factory. We have an excellent quality guarantee of a full function OQC test and confirmation for every unit. And also Finish full function at HALT test, and further more, 2 years Full Warranty.

Apart from LCD displays, SACER Ltd actually offers more other high-quality electronic control modules in automobile aftermarket, a supplier that provides stable high quality automobile products and related supporting services for foreign car repair workshops in the Long-term, mainly the high-end car market in Europe and North America. With over 10 years of efforts in this field, we have a clear understanding and valuable experience of the industry. Based in Netherlands, with a strong R&D team in Shenzhen, southeast China’s Guangdong province, There is a comprehensive integration of the advanced European Automobile technology and an abundant supply chain support in China. SACER has continued to grow and remain at the forefront of high-performance industrial Application. Visit us at our online shop and find out a chance to cooperate, 


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