LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012

Are you looking for LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012?

Instrument clusters, MID, SID and OBC units in several car makes have the common dead, fading, or completely disappearing pixel problem on the instrument cluster and on the on board computer (OBC) LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage, temperature, time and the OBC messages. Common symptoms of pixels error are:
–> Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have disappeared
–> LCD displays are difficult or impossible to read
–> Some cases the display returns to complete working order once cluster hits high or low temperatures.

Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel, faulty gauge motor on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, more importantly it seriously affects the driving safety. In some specific cases you can hardly enjoy driving for some annoying misunderstanding caused by the malfunction of LCD display. So it is quite necessary that you have to get it fixed or replaced.


We offer an LCD display replacement that covers the majority of the car makes and models in Europe and North America. We aim at solving your LCD display problems and anything related in a more convenient and more cost-effective way. For a repair shop, we’re doing our best to build up ‘One-stop purchase all’ products lines to meet your demands for various car makes and models.


SA1227 LCD Display with ribbon / flat cable is a replacement exclusively for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012. It’s used on the area of instrument cluster or dashboard. It’s heat seal type, to install it, you need a heat bounding machine to mount it on the PCB. Actually it is not difficult, you can follow the steps from a video on Youtube where you can easily find out plenty of such tutorial videos. SA1227 LCD display with ribbon / flat cable is an STN LCD digital panel which has a pretty good picture definition and sharpness. A perfect visual effect and stable performance constitutes the key point of a high-qualified LCD display. SA1227 will fully meet your requirements. What’s more, it is able to work normally under a large temperature rage from -20 ℃to 70 ℃. Please rest assured that it is 100% brand new product and every unit will be tested prior to leaving the factory. We have an excellent quality guarantee of a full function OQC test and confirmation for every unit. And also Finish full function at HALT test, and further more, 2 years Full Warranty.

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The advantages of the LED

Preface: As for auto, owning a pair of high headlight on car or bulbs on dashboard, which are same as a human who has a pair of charming eyes. Once a bulb installed on the headlight, the car looks like more superior quality.

Traditional headlamps on the market are nothing more than two categories. One is Halogen Lamp, another is High Intensity Discharge Lamp. But with the development of the technicians and the improvement of people’s minds, LEDbegan to gradually apply to the car headlamps, succeeding in occupying the market of car taillights, high brake lights and so on.

Today, Editor will discussion the advantages of the LED. Go ahead, please.

Advantages 1

Energy Saving And Environmental Protection, Low Cost

High luminous intensity of LED is nearly twice the fluorescent lamp.

Comparing with the saving energy, the energy saving lamps consuming is less than four fifths to Incandescent light bulb. LED energy consuming is much less than energy saving lamps, which is one fourth of energy saving lamp.


Applying in auto, The LED consuming is approximately one twentieth of halogen lamp.


Advantages 2 Long-lasting Using Time

LED components used in the car can reach the basic level of 50,000 hours, currently.

Famous automotive lighting suppliers have been able to provide LED that it is up to 100,000 hours for LED components, that is to say, The longest using time for LED is approximately 10 years. And taking into account the use of light frequency, LED components do not need to replace, basically in the using time of LED for customer.

Comparing with the LED, xenon lamp using time are just only 3000 hours.


Advantage 3 Good Durability

The components of LED are simple and well-anti impact, good seismic performance, well anti-broken. The above advantages can make LED adapt for different working conditions.


Advantage 4 Small Volume for LED components

Compactness features make it easy to design, which is the main advantage for LED. The advantage satisfies the improvement of auto supplier design ideas. Breaking down the old limitation of the design innovation for LED system makes us own more innovative auto parts.


Advantage 5 Light up fast

The LED applied in Rear lamp of car and Turn lights can light up quickly so as to reaching to warning effect. The LED applied in Headlamp has a higher response speed. So it improves its safety when drivers are driving.


Advantage 6 LED high brightness

The brightness of light is much less than Halogen lamp. So it is suitable for lighting and brake lights, making travel more secure.


Advantage 7 Low pressure drive and energy-saving

Weak interference and load makes it adopt for different working conditions. Of course, it will decrease the consuming of power, making the battery using time is longer and longer.


At , For the above advantages, Editor will introduce a serious bulb from Sacer.

Experts like you to provide customer satisfaction with perfect repaired work. Then the last but not least thing is replacing old bulbs because we’ll never know if the bulbs still light up another day. For such reason, Sacer has expanded full range of mini bulbs used in automotive instrument clusters. And this time, LED mini bulbs are also available. The default color is white, if you need another fancy color blue / red / purple, just say it


Such as , Bulb for SA8006LB2-2 LED BULB, which applies in instrument clusters, info displays and  ACC displays.


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