LCD display with FPC

The automotive aftermarket and after sale sector is a complex, robust and highly competitive market that provides the support network for Europe’s millions of cars, vans, trucks and buses. The automotive aftermarket’s multifaceted and diverse segments cover the whole repair, maintenance and service spectrum from parts supply to fitment and servicing.

Passenger car and commercial vehicle owners rely on a network of parts suppliers, fitters and repairers to keep their vehicles in correct working order. 90% of consumers are satisfied with the repair and maintenance offerings of the highly competitive market. They make informed decisions about where to repair their vehicle based on factors such as price, convenience, quality and the age/value of their vehicle. Consumers’ preferences are not fixed and change as their vehicles age. Accordingly, vehicle manufacturers are not dominant players in the aftermarket maintenance over the lifetime of the average vehicle.

Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, so it is understandable that you may want to get it fixed. Replacement of the complete unit is quite expensive, that is why we try to encourage people to get it fixed by a professional at half price or do the screen or ribbon cable replacement at home on the tenth price. As we sell quality LCD display, flexible ribbon cables, bulbs/lamps only for DIY repair. This very common pixel failure is known on several units, like dashboard instrument cluster (speedometer), MID, and radio units, OBC (on board computer), and SID, and happen to several CAR manufacturers that use Siemens VDO electronics such as BMW 3 5 7 series, Audi A3 A4 A6 A8, VW, Seat, Mercedes C and E class, SAAB & Rover – you will find several different models on our site.



SA1243 is a top-quality LCD display with FPC used in the instrument cluster or dashboard, for DAF LF (2001-1) / XF 105 (2002-) / XF 95 (2003-),DAF XF 2002. very good visual effect and stable performance! 2 years Full Warranty. It is an optimal choice for an OE replacement. It works out just like your original one.


SACER strives to provide a truly professional service with great attention to detail. and serves many European and North American dealerships, auto repair facilities and owners to provide an affordable repair alternative that not only restores your part to like new condition but in many cases improves the reliability and longevity. This is mainly accomplished by using vast repair experience and OEM, redesigned/improved OEM and aftermarket components. SACER is equipped with professional R&D team and manufacture tools, as well as self-developed testing equipment to ensure proper handling, troubleshooting, testing and programming of the components SACER service. As enthusiasts, we hope that our services will further improve your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW driving experience! Need any help or just would like to place orders over the Internet? Just Contact Us to find out what you need !

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