How to choose an LCD display for in-car use

A car has many wild requirements that normal electronic products do not. Your LCD display panel will suffer from dust, particles, water, coke spoils, misuses, vibrations and small hits… the list in endless. Almost no household LCD display is designed to support this. And this is the reason why most car dashboard projects are bad projects and do not last for even a couple of years before many topics arise.

So, How to choose an LCD display replacement for in-car use?

First of all, just do not try anything that has not been validated for in-car use.
Then, go to an aftermarket that focuses on automotive products. Or better, try contacting the big makers from car infotainment and find out who is providing them with the panels. Buy those panels for your car project. It will be much more expensive and you even may not be able to buy them.

And I know because I work for a work leader in car displays and work with the major European car makes as the customers. And I can honestly tell you that a common LCD panel and an automotive LCD panel are absolutely different. OK, here is an ideal replacement choice for you.


SA1001, an LCD display for SAAB for OE replacement, It is exclusively used for Saab cars, which were made in the year of 1998–2002, since it was quite a long time ago, so, for now, it is not easy to find out an age-matched and first-grade quality LCD display for replacement. As it is known to all, SAAB Automobile was a car manufacturer with a long history, which was founded in Sweden in 1945. It is the sophisticated quality and the unique characteristic that makes SAAB car stand out from the crowd and capture massive customers worldwide.


SA1001 LCD display with flat cable is used on the area of information center, For connection, All you Need is a heat bounding machine to mount it on the PCB, It is easy so that you can save much installation work. it is with STN LCD digital panel which has a very good picture definition and sharpness. A perfect visual effect and stable performance constitutes the key point of a high-qualified LCD display. SA1001 will fully meet your requirements. We have an excellent quality guarantee of a Full function OQC test and confirmation for every unit. And also Finish full function at HALT test, and furthermore, 2 years Full Warranty.


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