Explanation of Indicator Information on Instrument Panel(Part 2)

As has been written on part one, Know the warning light better and keep you and your family away from the dangerous.Today, we will continue to explain some meanings of the Warning light on dashboard continuing the part one.

The Basic Indicator light information on vehicles( Written in part one )

Part 2 Light basic indicator information on the dashboard.

(this article main topic )

Part 3 Gearbox /vehicle running and driving status indication

Part 4 electronic safety device / four-drive system logo

Part 5 smart key prompt logo

The light warning indicator which is same important as the vehicles itself symbols. It is also the key for customers driving. That is a light prompt logo on the car.



Friendly tips are necessary for drivers. Check whether the light indicator normal.  Especially, you find the homologous light can’t work but the indicator lights on the dashboard are normal.

Because it is very dangerous, especially, driving in light. No lighting exists a potential accident.

Please use the appropriate vehicle lighting when you drive at night, please kindly open the headlight when you drive at light. The High beam shouldn’t be turned on for a long time.

the wrong use of vehicle lighting may cause an unnecessary trouble for yourself and the other vehicles


Especially the width lamp on a car, which shows the width of the vehicles, it is a warning for the other cars, telling them the warning signals. This is very practical and useful for driving on a raining day or driving at night.


The above is the part 2.

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