LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012

Are you looking for LCD display for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012?

Instrument clusters, MID, SID and OBC units in several car makes have the common dead, fading, or completely disappearing pixel problem on the instrument cluster and on the on board computer (OBC) LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage, temperature, time and the OBC messages. Common symptoms of pixels error are:
–> Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have disappeared
–> LCD displays are difficult or impossible to read
–> Some cases the display returns to complete working order once cluster hits high or low temperatures.

Dead LCD pixels, fading LCD pixel, faulty gauge motor on the instrument cluster are quite bad looking parts of a good car’s interior, more importantly it seriously affects the driving safety. In some specific cases you can hardly enjoy driving for some annoying misunderstanding caused by the malfunction of LCD display. So it is quite necessary that you have to get it fixed or replaced.


We offer an LCD display replacement that covers the majority of the car makes and models in Europe and North America. We aim at solving your LCD display problems and anything related in a more convenient and more cost-effective way. For a repair shop, we’re doing our best to build up ‘One-stop purchase all’ products lines to meet your demands for various car makes and models.


SA1227 LCD Display with ribbon / flat cable is a replacement exclusively for Renault Twingo II 2007-2012. It’s used on the area of instrument cluster or dashboard. It’s heat seal type, to install it, you need a heat bounding machine to mount it on the PCB. Actually it is not difficult, you can follow the steps from a video on Youtube where you can easily find out plenty of such tutorial videos. SA1227 LCD display with ribbon / flat cable is an STN LCD digital panel which has a pretty good picture definition and sharpness. A perfect visual effect and stable performance constitutes the key point of a high-qualified LCD display. SA1227 will fully meet your requirements. What’s more, it is able to work normally under a large temperature rage from -20 ℃to 70 ℃. Please rest assured that it is 100% brand new product and every unit will be tested prior to leaving the factory. We have an excellent quality guarantee of a full function OQC test and confirmation for every unit. And also Finish full function at HALT test, and further more, 2 years Full Warranty.

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Electronic safety device and Four-Wheel Drive system Indicators

Preface: The security electronics are the basic safety device for a car. Such as ABS, EBD,BA,TRC,VSC,EPS. Editor will continue to introduce the indicator on dashboard Editor has introduced the Basic Indicator light information on vehicles, Light basic indicator information on dashboard, Gearbox /vehicle running and driving status indication.

What is known to us is that 90% of the vehicles on sale that has equipped ABS. With the auto parts development in the international market, many customers also pay much attention to electronic safety device so that they can know whether their car has a problem.

There are VSC, EPS, TRC, TPMS on a dashboard. Customers are in danger if above warning indicators come up. So please check it as soon as possible.




The electronic safety system prompts are abnormal or showing on dashboard, which means a fault for  your car
Warning Faults existing
ESP Electronic Stability Program is closed (at this time the vehicle in the extreme circumstances easy to get out of control)
TPMS Tire pressure is insufficient, tire pressure sensor failure
TCS The traction control system is closed (at this time the vehicle is easily out of control at the limit)

More and more customers prefer to purchase SUV car model except for the electronic safety indicator signs. If so, they can go outside for a drive, Such as travel. So it is a popular trend for customer to purchase at present. Please read it carefully if your car is four-wheel drive SUV. Because you will see the following logos. Such as 4WD-OPEN, 4WD-CLOSED, 4WLOCK OR 4W SYSTEM , TOD Xdrive.  It means that the 4wd is running well if you see the above indicators.

But what we have to notice is that 4WD cars may exist some 4wd signs. Such as SUZUKI KIZASHI. But most of cars have 4WD indicator on its dashboard, which will light for a while when car is self-checking.


Sacer’s auto parts are used to 2wd. We hope that customer could contact Sacer’s sales representative for the details if you want to purchase auto parts from Sacer. We are specialized in spare auto parts. Such as SA1012 – LCD DISPLAY FOR MERCEDES W203 C-CLASS, which applies in Instrument Cluster It is a high quality and hot sale one in Sacer.

Application Dashboard, Instrument Cluster
Model Mercedes C-class, AMG W203 (2000-2007)
Specification Same IC Driver with OE. Soldering is not needed.

is a steadily growing manufacturer funded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2007, which develops and produces electronic control modules in the automotive aftermarket. We have our own engineering team in Europe, together with more than 100 employees in China and we manage to create the Quality Bridge between European design and Chinese manufacture. Welcome to visit or contact us by for more information.

More information, contact Sacer sale team. Welcome to visit or contact us by for more information.

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The gearbox indicators/ Driving status indicators (Part 3 )

Preface: This article is about part 3, continuing to part 1 and part 2, which is an explanation of indicator information on the dashboard.

Most of the auto gearbox has been designed different model to guarantee different customers needs so that customers can control the vehicles.The following model is the representative one.

The Volkswagen’s vehicles have its unique shifting gear logos, which will work on the AT vehicles. The shift will be changed when drivers step on the brake pedal.


About Open the snow status of gearbox

Opening the snow mode of gearbox is a kind of gear box control mode that can guarantee vehicles can drive safely under the snow status and Low adhesion ground.


About O/D OFF

O/D OFF Status indicator will  appear on vehicles who has the 4-speed automatic transmission. It indicates that the biggest shift is only be locked on 3-shift. But it doesn’t have such a marks if the customer has 4 speed AT gearbox but without D3-shift.


Normally, The AT gearbox ‘s vehicles has its prompt indicators on its dashboard. Such as the snow status gearbox and the shifting prompts. Besides, For some sports-oriented models, there will be some driving mode options, such as the driving mode options of Audi Customers can learn about the driving status on a dashboard, which is showing in English. Such as “sport”,“comfortable”,“ECO”.  There is also some Cruise control system (CCS). In order to make customers know whether the functions has been switched on, some manufacturers will design a special symbol to show it in English “ Cruise”. Different colors showing on dashboard represents different working status. Such as, green color represents working status.


So we recommend customers to purchase SA1018-1 – LCD DISPLAY WITH FPC AND IC DRIVER FOR AUDI / VDO GROUP, which applies in Dashboard. It is a high quality one, we promise.

LCD DISPLAY with FPC and IC driver for Audi / VDO group
Application Instrument Cluster, dashboard
Model Audi A3 / A4 / A6 / TT / Jaeger
Voltage 12 V
Connection Method Soldering
Same TAB IC driver as OE. Need to clean the PIN from PCB side before soldering. Recommend soldering skills. If you could remove the OE IC driver from display well for resoldering process, Sacer could provide LCD display with FPC seperately for you. Normal soldering machine with very patient skills would be necessary. Difference between SA1003 & SA1018: Same LCD display with different shape of FPC connector, make / models are also different.

Installation instruction:

If used in the JAEGER / MARELLI models, for soldering, as the picture shows, aligned and soldering the right pins, the left four pins do not need soldering.

5                                      6 

More details, follow Sacer please.

Sacer is a steadily growing manufacturer funded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2007, which develops and produces electronic control modules in the automotive aftermarket. We have our own engineering team in Europe, together with more than 100 employees in China and we manage to create the Quality Bridge between European design and Chinese manufacture. Welcome to visit or contact with us by for more information.

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 Explanation of Indicator Information on Instrument Panel(Part 2)

As has been written on part one, Know the warning light better and keep you and your family away from the dangerous.Today, we will continue to explain some meanings of the Warning light on dashboard continuing the part one.

The Basic Indicator light information on vehicles( Written in part one )

Part 2 Light basic indicator information on the dashboard.

(this article main topic )

Part 3 Gearbox /vehicle running and driving status indication

Part 4 electronic safety device / four-drive system logo

Part 5 smart key prompt logo

The light warning indicator which is same important as the vehicles itself symbols. It is also the key for customers driving. That is a light prompt logo on the car.



Friendly tips are necessary for drivers. Check whether the light indicator normal.  Especially, you find the homologous light can’t work but the indicator lights on the dashboard are normal.

Because it is very dangerous, especially, driving in light. No lighting exists a potential accident.

Please use the appropriate vehicle lighting when you drive at night, please kindly open the headlight when you drive at light. The High beam shouldn’t be turned on for a long time.

the wrong use of vehicle lighting may cause an unnecessary trouble for yourself and the other vehicles


Especially the width lamp on a car, which shows the width of the vehicles, it is a warning for the other cars, telling them the warning signals. This is very practical and useful for driving on a raining day or driving at night.


The above is the part 2.

Recommendation time, today, we will recommend SA1227 – LCD DISPLAY WITH RIBBON/FLAT CABLE, which applies in instrument cluster and dashboard.


LCD display with Ribbon/Flat Cable
Application Instrument Cluster,
Model Renault Twingo II 2007-2012
Specification LCD display with Ribbon/Flat Cable

Many customers of Sacer has pre-order it. It is one of the hot sales at Sacer store. Editor recommends it to people who are finding an LCD DISPLAY like this.

The rest of parts 3,4,5 will be written in the next article, please follow Sacer .

Sacer is a steadily growing manufacturer funded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2007, which develops and produces electronic control modules in the automotive aftermarket. We have our own engineering team in Europe, together with more than 100 employees in China and we manage to create the Quality Bridge between European design and Chinese manufacture. Welcome to visit or contact us by for more information.

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The overheat problems for stepper motor


A brief introduction for stepper motor

A stepper motor is used to achieve precise positioning via digital control. The motor operates by accurately synchronizing with the pulse signal output from the controller to the driver. Stepper motors, with their ability to produce high torque at a low speed while minimizing vibration, are ideal for applications requiring quick positioning over a short distance.

Sacer offers a wide range of stepper motor products

DC Motor for throttle body, Adle speed control motor, Door lock motor
Stepper Motor for Instrument cluster, Dashboard
Pointer Motor for Instrument cluster, dashboard.

More knowledge about stepper motor

Stepper motors enable accurate positioning with ease. They are used in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals. Stepper motors generate high torque with a compact body, and are ideal for quick acceleration and response. Stepper motors also hold their position at stop, due to their mechanical design. Stepper motor solutions consist of a driver (takes pulse signals in and converts them to motor motion) and a stepper motor. Oriental Motor offers many solutions for a wide variety of applications.
A stepper motor rotates with a fixed step angle, just like the second hand of a clock. This angle is called “basic step angle”

Sacer’s motor has a accurate angle for each product, because we have professional producing team and professional technicians to check. Each checking and re-checking means a responsibility to us. Sacer knows how important for a car. After a brief introduction for stepper motor, we will introduce some common issues and solutions for stepper motor, hoping that we help you to solve the problems.

Overheating problems of stepper motor

The main topic for this article is the overheat problems for stepper motor. Honestly, it is a common problem for most of us. But it is actually a normal problem for stepper motor, the problem is that how it counts a normal situation about the overheating problems. How could we reduce the overheat problems using some skills? That’s important for us. it is also a problem we are really caring.

As far as various stepper motor concerned, The internal parts are consisted by all basic iron core and coils. The coin has its resistance, once connecting well with electricity, there is a wear and tear, which magnitude of the loss is proportional to the square of the current resistance. That’s what we called copper loss. The iron core has its magnetic hysteresis vortex effect, which also bring in iron loss and the iron loss is concerned to the material, electric current, frequency, voltage.
Overheat problems is affected by iron loss and copper loss, bringing about stepper motor’s working efficiency. The overheat problem is a common phenomenon for AC motor.
A reasonable range of temperature for stepper motor
What an overheating ranges permitted, it is decided by the internal insulation rating of the stepper motor, that is to say, Internal insulation performance will be undermined when temperature rising to 130 degree Celsius. So, Only if the temperature is be controlled under 130 degree Celsius, All is well. The surface of the temperature is only under 90 Celsius. Driver can use the thermometer to measure it. Or touch it using hands with 1-2 seconds.
Normally, the overheat problem doesn’t affect the service life of stepper motor, But, It will increase the risk of losing control if the temperature is too high, which is very dangerous.
At last, Editor will recommend a stepper motor for BMW.It applies in instrument cluster or dashboard. The angle and the shaft length has been well controlled, the technicians of Sacer has checked rechecked again and again , testing and re-testing time and time. So it is 100% of accurate for customers. Please contact our sale team if you need more detail information.

SA1076 – STEPPER MOTOR for BMW E38/39 X5,BMW 3,7, Rand Rover
Application: Stepper Motor for BMW E38/39 X5, BMW 3, 7, Rand Rover
Make/Model: BMW E38 / E39 / X5 / 3 series / 7 series, Rand Rover
Exception: Metal shaft, soldering needed, refreshed


Please follow us if you want to know more information about stepper motor, For example, How to choose a correct stepper motor? What factors effect the overheating of step motor? How could we solve and avoid the overheating problems? and so on . we will update the article later.
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LCD display with FPC for Mercedes C-class Recommendation

Hi every car fans, Nice to meet you here. Today , we will recommend a LCD display with IC DRIVER. It is a high quality and hot sell on Sacer’s official store.

What is known to us is that LCD display has different methods to connect. Such as welding, welding, crimping, plug, and direct installation. Brief description as follows, please follow us if you want to know more basic knowledges about auto parts

Today, we will recommend a LCD DISPLAY from Sacer, which applies in instrument cluster or dashboard.


It has an IC driver with OE, and soldering is not necessary. As is known to us, The IC Driver is an important accessory of display, which control and decide the input/output information. so there are less FPC to control. It also needs a higher technician to connect it on the display so that can make everything fine.

Check the attached picture if you need to know more information. . It is lcd display for Mercedes , which is suitable for Mercedes C-CLASS / AMG W203(200-2007)


For the above display, It doesn’t have any issues, such as black screen and so on. Why? Because all of Sacer LCD has a strict temperature control system, which can work normally under -20℃ -70℃.

Attaching a skill to customers, please attempt the following methods to check your LCD display if you have such a problem. Please just make it as a reference only.


Incidental, these Bias levels might be different on certain clusters. This will result in less sharp images, or less contrast. If so, they can be slightly adjusted by soldering a resistor to a +5V, ground, or -15V(or -12V) point.

For example, if you got a LCD show contrast fault, Power on the dashboard, measure the voltage of V1 to V5. Compare to the design Bais voltage and find out which one is much different.Adjust the measured volt close to Designed BIAS Levels.

Note: For above resistor, only is a suggest value, maybe not fit to some kind of dashboard, but method is the same.After add a resistor, power on the dashboard, check and measure the voltage again.

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