The gearbox indicators/ Driving status indicators (Part 3 )

Preface: This article is about part 3, continuing to part 1 and part 2, which is an explanation of indicator information on the dashboard.

Most of the auto gearbox has been designed different model to guarantee different customers needs so that customers can control the vehicles.The following model is the representative one.

The Volkswagen’s vehicles have its unique shifting gear logos, which will work on the AT vehicles. The shift will be changed when drivers step on the brake pedal.


About Open the snow status of gearbox

Opening the snow mode of gearbox is a kind of gear box control mode that can guarantee vehicles can drive safely under the snow status and Low adhesion ground.


About O/D OFF

O/D OFF Status indicator will  appear on vehicles who has the 4-speed automatic transmission. It indicates that the biggest shift is only be locked on 3-shift. But it doesn’t have such a marks if the customer has 4 speed AT gearbox but without D3-shift.


Normally, The AT gearbox ‘s vehicles has its prompt indicators on its dashboard. Such as the snow status gearbox and the shifting prompts. Besides, For some sports-oriented models, there will be some driving mode options, such as the driving mode options of Audi Customers can learn about the driving status on a dashboard, which is showing in English. Such as “sport”,“comfortable”,“ECO”.  There is also some Cruise control system (CCS). In order to make customers know whether the functions has been switched on, some manufacturers will design a special symbol to show it in English “ Cruise”. Different colors showing on dashboard represents different working status. Such as, green color represents working status.


So we recommend customers to purchase SA1018-1 – LCD DISPLAY WITH FPC AND IC DRIVER FOR AUDI / VDO GROUP, which applies in Dashboard. It is a high quality one, we promise.

LCD DISPLAY with FPC and IC driver for Audi / VDO group
Application Instrument Cluster, dashboard
Model Audi A3 / A4 / A6 / TT / Jaeger
Voltage 12 V
Connection Method Soldering
Same TAB IC driver as OE. Need to clean the PIN from PCB side before soldering. Recommend soldering skills. If you could remove the OE IC driver from display well for resoldering process, Sacer could provide LCD display with FPC seperately for you. Normal soldering machine with very patient skills would be necessary. Difference between SA1003 & SA1018: Same LCD display with different shape of FPC connector, make / models are also different.

Installation instruction:

If used in the JAEGER / MARELLI models, for soldering, as the picture shows, aligned and soldering the right pins, the left four pins do not need soldering.

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