LCD display FPC and IC driver for Audi/VDO group

Sophisticated graphics displays in the instrument cluster are a proven way for makers of premium vehicles to add consumer appeal and cachet to new high-end models of car. Audi has won rave reviews for its ‘Virtual Cockpit’ instrument cluster in the 2016 TT roadster. Everything in view, directly in front of the driver – the Audi virtual cockpit, a fully digital instrument cluster, is completely driver-focused. The 12.3-inch display depicts information in high resolution.


This type of cluster display is visually exciting, intuitively informative, easily configurable on-the-fly to display different types of data or image appropriately. The contrast with conventional electro-mechanical dials and gauges is stark. And thanks to the user-interface innovations of smart phones and tablets, today’s car buyers’ appreciation of the performance and appearance of the displays in the cabin is acute. The instrument cluster, in other words, has become an important marketing differentiator in premium vehicles.

There is no comparable section on maintaining your instrument cluster LCD display because generally nothing can be done for an unworkable display except return it to the manufacturer for a replacement. Or buy an alternative display and replace it by yourself.

Availability and performance are always the key factors to consider when selecting an alternative display, with viewing angle, brightness, response time, power and size varying between different technologies. Keeping your display in tip-top condition is necessary in order to continue obtaining the best possible image and picture quality, prolonging the display’s useful life, and getting the most from your investment.

SA1003-1, LCD display with FPC and IC driver for Audi/VDO group, All new design, comparable to the original, with perfect brightness and superior color. Same TAB IC driver as OE. The screen has pretty decent resolution and brightness for its size. When it comes to installation, first you need to clean the PIN from PCB side before soldering. Recommend soldering skills. If you could remove the OE IC driver from display well for re-soldering process, SACER could provide LCD display with FPC separately for you. Normal soldering machine with very patient skills would be necessary.


SACER Ltd, a company acknowledged as the Resource Integrator of European design and Chinese manufacture in the Automobile aftermarket. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio, which includes the products of various kinds of auto electronic control modules. Including instrument LCD display, ABS/ECU/repair spare parts, DC motor for throttle body and automobile semiconductors, etc. And an independent expert redesign and development category of turbo actuator, non-contact TPS sensor, ECU, window regulator, EPS/EHPS control board and air flow meter, etc. The SACER founder is a group of expert has over 10 years experience in automobile re-manufacture industry. We aim to providing the various auto electronic products and solutions for the automobile re-manufacture applications. With our unbeatable endeavor and outstanding service performance, SACER has won customers’ deep trust and continuous orders all over the world. Please visit our online shop for more products,

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