Electronic safety device and Four-Wheel Drive system Indicators

Preface: The security electronics are the basic safety device for a car. Such as ABS, EBD,BA,TRC,VSC,EPS. Editor will continue to introduce the indicator on dashboard Editor has introduced the Basic Indicator light information on vehicles, Light basic indicator information on dashboard, Gearbox /vehicle running and driving status indication.

What is known to us is that 90% of the vehicles on sale that has equipped ABS. With the auto parts development in the international market, many customers also pay much attention to electronic safety device so that they can know whether their car has a problem.

There are VSC, EPS, TRC, TPMS on a dashboard. Customers are in danger if above warning indicators come up. So please check it as soon as possible.




The electronic safety system prompts are abnormal or showing on dashboard, which means a fault for  your car
Warning Faults existing
ESP Electronic Stability Program is closed (at this time the vehicle in the extreme circumstances easy to get out of control)
TPMS Tire pressure is insufficient, tire pressure sensor failure
TCS The traction control system is closed (at this time the vehicle is easily out of control at the limit)

More and more customers prefer to purchase SUV car model except for the electronic safety indicator signs. If so, they can go outside for a drive, Such as travel. So it is a popular trend for customer to purchase at present. Please read it carefully if your car is four-wheel drive SUV. Because you will see the following logos. Such as 4WD-OPEN, 4WD-CLOSED, 4WLOCK OR 4W SYSTEM , TOD Xdrive.  It means that the 4wd is running well if you see the above indicators.

But what we have to notice is that 4WD cars may exist some 4wd signs. Such as SUZUKI KIZASHI. But most of cars have 4WD indicator on its dashboard, which will light for a while when car is self-checking.


Sacer’s auto parts are used to 2wd. We hope that customer could contact Sacer’s sales representative for the details if you want to purchase auto parts from Sacer. We are specialized in spare auto parts. Such as SA1012 – LCD DISPLAY FOR MERCEDES W203 C-CLASS, which applies in Instrument Cluster It is a high quality and hot sale one in Sacer.

Application Dashboard, Instrument Cluster
Model Mercedes C-class, AMG W203 (2000-2007)
Specification Same IC Driver with OE. Soldering is not needed.

is a steadily growing manufacturer funded by highly skilled and experienced electronic engineers in 2007, which develops and produces electronic control modules in the automotive aftermarket. We have our own engineering team in Europe, together with more than 100 employees in China and we manage to create the Quality Bridge between European design and Chinese manufacture. Welcome to visit www.sacer-shop.com or contact us by shop@sacer.com.cn for more information.

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